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As an over-achiever and a recovering perfectionist, I know what it's like to be constantly focused on aiming high. As a mom, wife, entrepreneur and passion-seeker, I also understand the pitfalls of taking on too much. Let me guide you on your personal journey to excellence -- whether at home, in your work, in your homeschool, with your family, or within yourself. I promise to teach you how you how to do it realistically, with a clear definition of purpose, and without the risks and sacrifices than can come from "overdoing it". You can still be amazing. Join me here, and I'll show you how.

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Explore your relationship with doing. Discover harmful patterns overtaking your life and stealing your joy. Schedule a discovery session to see if this service is right for you. Submit a request by clicking here.
The first time I heard it, I thought how can I do this...the second time it really clicked and helped me make the decision. Life changed from that moment on. - Karen L.


Gain clarity of purpose. Restructure priorities. Manage your days with ease and tranquility. Personalized coaching is available to a limited number of clients every year. To explore what is possible through a coaching and accountability relationship, click here.
She is always able to sort through the chaos that is my life and give me things that help me right away. I don’t always know what I need, but she helps me figure it out. – Connie I.


Clients include parents seeking homeschool advice, oversight, or a plan for homeschooling into selective colleges, with scholarships; women struggling with balance, particularly work-from-home moms; and, women intuitively ready for their next steps, but not really sure what those are.
I couldn't have come up with these solutions without her guidance. Now, everything feels right in my world again. - Marsha B.

Time Excellence Services

You want only the best for yourself and those you love. You're laser focused on responsibilities, but having to work so hard to achieve it all. There just aren't enough hours in a day, and never enough of you to go around. Did you know there was a way to reclaim your time and start enjoying life, too? You really can slow the pace and still consistently meet your goals. Are you ready to trade a life of overwhelm and exhaustion to one of excellence and abundant joy?  Contact me to learn how to get the most out of your home, family homeschool,  job, and your personal time, too!
You have been such a blessing in my life.  I had no idea how great homeschooling life could be, but after talking with you, it’s truly amazing!” – Ella B.
Within the first 15 minutes of talking to her, she already saved me about 2 hours a day. What else can I say, except check her out. She has some great tips!” – Sarah Renee R.

Industry Acclaimed:

…a book that has potential to assist many people embarking for the first time on the journey into homeschooling.” — Jeremy Stuart, Director/Producer Class Dismissed: Education and the Rise of Homeschooling in America   “…a very practical handbook on how to homeschool…an interesting and engaging approach to the topic.” — Helen Hegener, Publisher and Managing Editor, Home Education Magazine   “…a great guide to getting started, whether quickly or slowly...Moreau takes you by the hand, step-by-step.” — Mariaemma Willis, co-author 'Discover Your Child’s Learning Style' and co-founder Learning Success Institute   “…a practical approach for any newcomers as they begin their homeschool journeyhelps families navigate the myriad of steps involved in transitioning to homeschooling.” – Linda Dobson’s Parent at the Helm
Suddenly Homeschooling: A Guide to Homeschooling in Two Weeks!

Homeschool Excellence

Do you wish homeschooling came with an instruction manual (and a glossary of all those terms)? How about a clear framework for how to get started, in the shortest time possible, doing only what makes sense for your unique family? Here's a solution that works in every situation. Click to learn more and grab a free chapter.

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