Why do people homeschool?

Two decades ago, it was easy to assume that parents chose homeschooling for religious reasons or because they didn’t believe in turning their children over to schools.

Today, there are many new reasons to homeschool than in the past.  In fact, many families and their children choose homeschooling for more than one reason.

Quoting directly from The National Home Education Research Institute, the most common reasons given for homeschooling today include:

  • “customize or individualize the curriculum and learning environment for each child,
  • accomplish more academically than in schools,
  • use pedagogical approaches other than those typical in -institutional schools,
  • enhance family relationships between children and parents and among siblings,
  • provide guided and reasoned social interactions with youthful peers and adults,
  • provide a safer environment for children and youth, because of physical violence, drugs and alcohol, psychological abuse, and improper and unhealthy sexuality associated with institutional schools, and
  • teach and impart a particular set of values, beliefs, and worldview to children and youth.”

Parents who are thinking about homeschooling can feel good in knowing that they are not alone.  The millions of students currently being homeschooled in the US demonstrates that other families share the same concerns and have chosen home education for the very same reasons.


  1. says

    So many of these reasons! I enjoy my children. We have such a special bond and we work very hard in the summer and take vacations in the winter. We couldn’t do that if the girls were in a traditional school.

    • QuickStartHomeschool says

      I love that you mention enjoying your children and having a special bond =D Thank you for your comment!

  2. Heather C says

    Your list is marvelous, and I can say that we homeschool for every one of them.
    For us, add to those these two: we know it’s how God wants US to educate THIS child. She is thriving in all ways. And secondly, we love having her around. We’d miss so much of her life if she was at another school. (I so don’t understand the parents saying this time of year, “thank God school’s starting, I can’t wait to get these kids out of the house.”)


  1. […] Although some parents choose homeschooling for religious reasons, for many others, religion has nothing  to do with the decision at all.  American homeschoolers come from from all imaginable backgrounds and represent every known political and religious point of view.  Families that homeschool may do it to impart a set of religious beliefs or to avoid contrary beliefs taught in traditional public school classrooms.   But most families say that they homeschool for a combination of reasons, including raising academic standards for their children,  keeping children safe from school violence and bullying, providing a customized experience for children with learning styles not being met in classrooms, and avoiding the unwanted influences of drugs, alcohol or teen sexuality.  Homeschooling products, too, span the entire continuum from biblically-inspired to entirely secular in nature.  Despite what some think, homeschooling isn’t all about religion. […]

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