Driver’s Education

Homeschooled teens can get a driver’s license just like anyone else.  The question is, how?

In states where part-time high school enrollment is permitted or in homeschool-friendly districts, teens can sometimes sign up for Driver’s Ed courses at their home-zoned school.

In other areas, homeschoolers can register for any type of community education classes, virtual education or special sessions offered through the local school board.

If these options aren’t available, or if families prefer to go another route altogether, other options exist for homeschoolers. 

One is  using a private driving school, which costs money, but virtually guarantees the proper instruction and preparedness for passing driving exams. 

Another is applying for a Learner’s Permit and using parent-led instruction accompanied by studying the state driver’s manual on ones own.

Online driving schools exist, too, for preliminary testing and practicing some of the basics.  These do not eliminate the need for road training or an actual driving test, however.

To begin, check with the Department of Motor Vehicles where you live.  Also check online driver’s ed training courses and resources, available at places like these:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

National Drivers Training Institute


Rules of the Road

and elsewhere.

Don’t forget to award homeschooling credit for Driver’s Ed, too.  It is a legitimate course that may be included on the high schooler’s transcript.  Use a form like this one to keep track.

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