Household Binder

Just about every parent has a place, often in the kitchen or maybe somewhere else, where things tend to accumulate.  These little piles, usually consisting of calendars, notes, recipes, mail, and other reminders of things to do, can clutter even the tidiest of homes and cause additional chaos — not organization.

One way that busy moms (and some dads, but usually moms) stay neat and organized is by using a Household Binder.  This binder, usually kept where it is needed most, contains everything that even the busiest of moms could possibly need — right at her fingertips. 

Anything can go inside the binder; as a matter of fact, each will be slightly different depending on mom’s individual needs. Some of the pages in a typical binder are listed here — but don’t hesitate to add any other pages of your own, too.

Household Binders may include:

  • menu planning pages
  • cleaning schedules
  • the household budget
  • a weekly shopping list
  • school schedules
  • bills to pay
  • folders for every child
  • notes to self
  • a list of household repairs

But that’s not all.  Consider the binder your personal system of household organization.  Add anything inside that you usually need to access during a typical day, week or month.  See these free PRINTABLES for additional ideas. 

Used by moms everywhere, the household binder provides an attractive and efficient solution for keeping track of tasks and information in a very busy household.  Everything is always stored neatly in one place and ready when it is needed– which is much better than scribbled notes scattered all over the kitchen counter!


    • QuickStartHomeschool says

      Happy you were able to find it helpful! Let me know if you create one — would love to hear how it turned out!


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