Setting up a classroom

Every family is different, thus every homeschool space is different, too.  Only you can decide what works best in your home, with your kids, using your specific homeschool tools.

Factor in budget, personal homeschooling philosophy and available living space, and study spaces will vary quite a bit.

When building any classroom or study area, looking at photos is a great way to become inspired.  I glean many new ideas by seeing things I had never thought of before!

Lucky for us, the blogging community has come generously to the rescue in this area, providing hundreds of opportunities to see how other families organize and decorate their homeschool spaces.

For instance, here is a photo of a map wall in our home:


I struggled for years to find just the style and size map I was looking for, and discover a convenient way to hang it without the edges curling or destroying our walls.  My secret?  Duct tape!  Now, you can apply my “secret”, too!

Just looking at photos and hearing what works well for other families could be just what you need to come up with a classroom strategy of your own.  I love learning from other parents more creative than me!

Parents often ask to see photos of homeschool classrooms, too.

I have created a Pinterest board called, “Homeschool Classroom Spaces“.  It’s one of my most popular, and has lots of great ideas to help you get set up.

There are several articles here that will also help:

Creating Workboxes

Curriculum Bins

Storing Homeschool “Stuff”

You can also become inspired by browsing photos of other homeschooler classrooms.  Here’s a collection of ideas from other bloggers:

A total homeschool classroom reno using IKEA components, taken from Confessions of a Homeschooler

A classroom with Montessori learning in mind, from Living Montessori NOW

Homeschooling in an apartment, from Chocolate Covered Boy Joy

A dedicated school room with visuals and decorations (including a time line), from Adventures in Homeschooling

Homeschooling in a small space, from Living, Laughing and Loving

A schoolroom before and after, from Method Mom

A boy-themed school area, from It’s a Boy’s Life

An inexpensive classroom solution, from Mrs. Random [Access Me-ness]

A home equipped with goodies in just about every room, from The Joys of Home Educating

Using a long counter for children schooling side-by-side, from The Heartfelt Home

A dedicated classroom with many different kinds of storage solutions, from Vintage Homegrown Family

This family shows how they use the dining and living rooms as homeschool areas, from Dragonfly Days


When creating a classroom, 2 important rules apply: (1) don’t be limited by what you see; and, (2) never feel pressured to duplicate what anyone is doing.

The truth is, homeschool spaces should be uniquely you!    You could not function well in someone else’s home, just as they could not function well in yours.

Take these ideas and tips to heart, and see what you come up with this year!  If you’d like to share a photo, link or post of your study spaces, I would welcome them as a COMMENT!


Marie-Claire Moreau, Quick Start Homeschool



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