New homeschoolers need to know

Parents often describe the learning curve to homeschooling as ‘steep’.  And for those attempting to figure everything out all at once, this can certainly be true.  But the road to learning to homeschool can be accomplished more gradually, too.  Simply by tackling the most important things first, and then by moving in a gentle forward motion to accomplish the other steps in order, the learning curve becomes so much easier to manage.

In my rave-reviewed book, I outline a series of steps that parents can follow to make the transition from novice to homeschooler very quickly, but in a sequential and organized way.  Those who complete my program are completely ready to homeschool within two weeks, while avoiding the trap of trying to do everything all at once.  Using my program helps new homeschoolers circumvent or eliminate entirely the difficulty, helplessness and frustration that comes from climbing that giant vertical slope.  And parents who finish the program feel thoroughly equipped and ready to start their first homeschooling day with confidence — not the trepidation experienced by those still trying to conquer the curve.

The kinds of things covered in the book include:

  • how to find state laws and interpret them in terms of your own homeschool;
  • finding different approaches to homeschooling and selecting the method that best matches your philosophy;
  • where to find the books and other educational materials you’ll need for the courses you want to teach;
  • preparing your home for schooling, including organizing and equipping the spaces you and your children will be using all year long;
  • making up the schedules, charts and plans that will help keep you focused, and your children staying on course; and,
  • much, much more!

You’ll also find loads of information for beginning to homeschool right here at Quick Start Homeschool — the site designed just for newbies!  New homeschoolers find articles here about everything they want to know, including:

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