Healing in your own time

Life would be easy if it came with a set of instructions, wouldn’t it? Imagine if everyone received a guide to being healthy, overcoming conflict, and leading a happy life?

I’m kidding, of course. But, crazy as it sounds, that’s just what most of us look for when we’re struggling — a set of fool-proof instructions to follow so we can start feeling better again.

In today’s world, it’s easy to find ideas and solutions in all kinds of places, and even easier to find people willing to take our money as we experiment upon ourselves. The harder thing, but really the only thing that works, is finding what works for us — which isn’t always the same as what works for other people.

This truth may be hard to hear since simple solutions are so much easier. Masking symptoms or numbing ourselves is a lot less time intensive than really figuring out what’s wrong on a sub-level. But, the truth is that healing occurs on a much deeper level than any protocol we find in a bookstore or a pharmacy. Real healing only happens when we get real with ourselves, look deeper, honor our uniqueness, and discover exactly what it takes for us each to be whole again.

One of the most important parts of healing is to recognize our own journey is unique. Though our struggles may be similar, there are so many things about each of us that is different. Understanding we are not all the same is often the key to finding peace in the journey, and in granting ourselves patience as we await our own perfect timing on the road ahead.

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As a coach, writer, recovered over-doer and busyness addict, I understand the challenges of creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle while the mind tries to sabotage your success. In my journey to vibrant health, I created a personalized health system of nutrition and supplementation, lifestyle changes, and I retrained my mind and the energy of my body. I view my success as the formula to my happy, healthy life. I now empower other women to create their own personalized formulas, including the tools and strategies just right for them! Amazing life shifts come from our relationships. I look forward to helping you, too!